Cake Smash

Babies grow up so quickly and before you know it they reach a significant milestone, their 1st birthday. A time to reflect on how much your little one has developed, from a helpless tiny bundle of joy through to a little person with their own personality. img_9729
img_9764 Here at Snaps Studios we love special occaisions which is why we have designed the most fun photo shoot ever, a 1st birthday cake smash. We provide a giant, very messy, cupcake in the colour of your choice and then the fun begins..................Your little birthday boy/girl is placed with the cake in our studio, our photographer poised at the ready, let the cake destruction commence! We are more than happy for you to bring in any props that you would like incorperated into the shoot, hats, balloons, banners etc. We also include a mini portrait session after the cake smash so be sure to bring a nice party dress or outfit with you . 
We sometimes find children a little reserved at the beginning of the shoot, unsure whether they're allowed to touch the cake. This is one of the reasons we always have an assistant on hand to actively encourage them to get as messy as possible. So please ensure you don't mind their clothing being covered in sponge and frosting. img_9786
img_9859 One of our highly experienced photographers will be capturing the whole experience, from clean birthday boy/girl and intact cake through to a very messy child and cake explosion.
After the shoot we invite you back into the studio to view the set of photographs taken. From those you can choose up to 16 to create a cake smash montage. These images are a mini photo story to commemorate a 1st birthday milestone and something to treasure for a lifetime. img_9912


  cake smash montage a web  

Prices for this shoot start at only £75 this includes the sitting fee and a 16"x16" box framed montage print containing up to 16 images.


Give a cake smash photo shoot as a gift for a friend or relation click HERE  to purchase a cake smash voucher

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