Maternity Photography

There is something beautiful and unique about a pregnant woman. The way their skin glows and their bump grows, it's a time that is often forgotten once baby arrives. So, here at Snaps Studios, we offer a maternity photo shoot to ensure your pregnancy is captured in all its glory before baby comes along and steals the show!
img_0859 We welcome you into our warm, friendly studio and one of our highly skilled photographers will capture your bump in the most beautiful light imaginable. There will be a variety of materials used to create images for you to treasure for a lifetime. Please feel free to bring along any props you might like incorporated into the shoot as well as some changes of clothes to provide a variety looks. It's always great if daddy-to-be can also attend, this enables us to provide you with images of you both before your hands are full with your imminent bundle of joy.
The ideal time, although not set in stone, for this photographic experience is between 32 and 36 weeks gestation, as your bump is nicely formed and rounded by this time without starting to drop as baby prepares for their entry into the world.  img_0208
img_0935 Please allow up to 1.5 hours for your maternity session, we find this is a happy balance between capturing a good range of images without mum-to-be getting too tired.


If you book a newborn fine art sitting you get your maternity shoot for free. You then have the option of choosing the images from the combined shoots to suit one of the packages below.



When you book a newborn fine art sitting we would like to give you something a little extrain the form of a  maternity shoot for free. Our maternity shoots showcase the beauty of being pregnant and allow you to remeber this precious time before the arrival of your little one. You then have the option of choosing the images from the combined shoots to suit one of our print od digital package option. Just click on the link above, fill out your details and we will take care of the rest for you.

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